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When To Consider Large Scale 3D Printer


When To Consider Large Scale 3D Printing

Just like all types of 3D printier, large size 3D printing has its own strengths and tradeoffs. Users are constantly finding more applications for these gigantic machines so the big size 3D printer space is getting bigger and bigger.

What time to Using Large-Scale 3D Printing

Large-scale 3D printers are needed to print furniture, vehicle parts, and building components. Obviously size is a factor in choosing to print with large format, but there's more to it than that. Here's a breakdown of some of the less obvious considerations:

One-piece parts 

– Often, manufacturers have been able to create large objects through traditional assembly methods, but these objects would perform better if they were produced as a whole, something only large-scale 3D printers can do efficiently.

Reduce weight 

– Large objects are often made of wood, metal or injection molded plastic. Printing the same objects in plastic would make them lighter, especially considering that users can easily adjust the infill density of 3D printed objects. Consolidating large components into a single component also reduces weight by eliminating the need for fasteners such as nuts and bolts.

Faster Development 

– The larger the object, the longer it takes to create and set up the tools to manufacture it through traditional means. With 3D printing, there are essentially no setup steps required, so printing large prototypes is much faster than making them any other way. Printing large objects can take a while, but production runs for large objects can also be faster by eliminating time-consuming machining steps, depending on the circumstances.

Reduced Cost– 3D printing large parts is cost competitive with traditionally manufactured parts, almost entirely due to the tooling costs of the latter. Integrated components are also generally less expensive because fewer materials need to be sourced from different places.

Design Freedom –

 Many geometries, such as internal channels and complex lattice structures, are not possible using traditional manufacturing methods. Many large objects, such as furniture, benefit from such capabilities, and XL printers are the only way to achieve these designs.

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