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Luoyang Dowell Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2013.;

It is a technology-based enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing and sales based on technological innovation and core patents.

Dowell 3D Printer technology has independent patented technology, relying on strong technology research and development, production management, quality control and market development teams.

And has won recognition from users in the global market with high-quality after-sales service, becoming a leading enterprise in large-scale 3D printers.

In 2013, the first-generation desktop 3D printer was launched.

In 2014, the second generation desktop 3D printer was launched.

In 2015, large-scale FDM3d DM series printers were launched to meet the needs of different customers.

In 2016, our capabilities in customized R&D and innovation were further enhanced.

In 2017, the DMPlus series was launched, helping customers achieve rapid production.

In 2018, we will further explore the adoption of innovative and flexible solutions.

In 2019, the DH series was launched, broadening the material field.

In 2020, the DL Advanced version fast printer series will be launched.

In 2021, the DMPro series launched, further improving printing speed.

In 2022, DP particle printer will be launched.

In 2023, the system and accessories of each part will be comprehensively reformed to help customers improve work efficiency.

In 2024, Still developing.

With continued innovation, the future will be filled with more waves of change. But what is certain is that we will continue to adjust and develop ourselves to assist customers in bringing innovative ideas and products to market faster.

About our team, we have:

1. Structural engineer: equipment research and development, involving knowledge of mechanical and electronic components.

2. Software engineer: 3D printing slice\modeling software development and maintenance, 3D printer and computer connection required low-level interface compilation, network resource platform maintenance, etc.

3. Material research and development: Research on 3D printing materials, in addition to improving existing materials, but also researching and developing various new materials.

4. 3D Modeler/Proofer/: Modeling, modeling, proofing, etc.

5. 3D printing product and service sales, pre-sales and after-sales engineers, etc.

Why you can trust us:

1. One of the largest 3D printer manufacturers in the global market.

2. Provide various customized and personalized 3D printers.

3. Provide quality and service guarantee.

4. Fast and convenient logistics services.

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