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The Best Free 3D Printing Slice Software in 2023


Check out Dowell 3d printers picks for the best free 3D printing slice software: 

From designing parts to slicing them into G-code and even controlling your 3D printer as it fabricates, there is an awful lot of software to help you on your way through the 3D printing process.

But despite the free and open-source roots of the additive manufacturing hobby, not all of this software is free — and it can be a nuisance to sort through paid software and free trials when you’re getting set up or making a change. So to lend a hand, we’re listing the best free 3D printing software for every stage of your workflow. 

Take your fancy 3D models and break them down into those pretty lines for your 3D printer to spit out – here are the best free 3D slicers kicking around on the web.

CuraSlicer, 3D Printer HostFilamentCura
PrusaSlicerSlicerFilament, resin (LCD-based)Prusa Research
ChiTuBox BasicSlicerResin (LCD-based)ChiTuBox
ideaMakerSlicer, STL RepairFilamentRaise3D
Lychee SlicerSlicerResin (LCD-based), filamentMango3D
DowellSlicerFilament, Dowell 
IceSLSlicer, designFilamentIceSL
OctoPrintSlicer, 3D Printer HostFilamentOctoPrint
AstroPrintSlicer, 3D Printer HostFilamentAstroPrint
MeshmixerSTL Editor, STL Repair, DesignAllMeshmixer
MeshLabSTL Editor, STL RepairAllMeshLab
UVToolsFile analysis, modification, MSLA toolboxResin (LCD/DLP-based)GitHub
WebPrinterG-code viewerFilamentWebPrinter
Gcode AnalyzerG-code viewerFilamentGcode Analyzer
MatterControl 2.0Design,Slicer, 3D Printer HostFilamentMatterControl
SketchUp FreeDesignAllSketchUp
Fusion 360DesignAllFusion 360
Though all the software here is free, we have to note that a couple of programs may require additional. 

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